Happy Hour

Local Breeze: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Local Breeze

The Hours: "Low Tide," which is their way of saying happy hour, happens Tuesday through Friday 2:30 till 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 3 till 6 p.m. Closed Mondays and only open for brunch until 3 p.m. Sundays.

The Details: 20% off everything. Yep. Everything. All food. All drinks.

The Interior: There is actually only one reason to step foot inside of the beautifully restored historic bungalow of local breeze and that is to visit the ladies/gentleman's room. All the tables are outside on the expansive but cozy patio area. Take your pick of tables under the covered patio area next to the house, lounge out in the yard by the firepit, or grab a spot at the spacious outdoor bar.

The Cost: One House Specialty Cocktail and a half order of the LB Favorite Lahvosh came to $18.84 with tax, not including tip. This place isn't exactly cheap.

The Conclusion:
Local Breeze has a strange way of making you feel like you are on vacation while being just blocks from downtown Phoenix. In fact it makes you feel so much like you are vacation you may go for brunch and end up staying till the sun goes down and forgetting all about the 40 things you really needed to get done that day. That however is a story for another day back to happy hour.

Beers are reasonably priced and in addition to "Low Tide", Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays they have daily half price specials. Although everything is priced slightly high, the food is pretty amazing and everything that we saw come out of the kitchen was huge. Even the cocktails are served in large glasses making them well worth their $8 price tag.

The service was above average. Everyone was beyond friendly. Our bartender was the sweetest thing ever but not exactly the most attentive on the first visit, but definitely was on point the second time around. Drinks were served quickly and most importantly the fries were hot when they got to the table. The Monkey Cocktail is a small piece of tropical heaven, make sure you get it for the full vacation experience. The LB Favorite Lahvosh was crisp with just the right amount of savory cheese and there was absolutely no skimping on the bacon, plus a half order was big enough for two people.

There are two more things that made us fall more in love with Local Breeze that we have to mention. The first is that they will give you 10% off your bill if you ride your bike which is pretty cool of them. The second is that your well behaved pooch is welcome to hang out with you and they will even bring him a bowl of water.

Like I said before this place isn't exactly a place to go for a deal. Go to Local Breeze for the atmosphere and good food. Great for Saturday afternoons when you can toss responsibility out the window and kick back with a bottle of champagne or two and a few friends.

Overall Grade: B

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Shannon Armour
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