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Lunch Under $10 at Giant Rustic Pizza in Scottsdale and Phoenix

Remember those college days of late night drunk dialing for crappy pizza delivery? Of course you don't. You were too drunk to know that your pizza took forever and was terrible. Cheap, but terrible. Giant Rustic Pizza in Scottsdale has a pizza deal that harkens back to our college days of needing cheap quick pizza, but has created a pizza you'll be glad you are sober to taste.

Giant Rustic Pizza has two locations for your cheap lunch eats. The location at Frank Lloyd Wright and Thompson Peak Parkway is a quaint little place with counter service, but don't let it fool you, there is big flavor coming out of that kitchen. A few tables can be found outside, and a small counter with bar stools are situated along one wall inside if you have time to eat in. We were asked if our order was for here or to go, but it seems to not matter since your slices will come in a pizza box either way.

The lunch special is two slices of pepperoni or cheese and a drink for $4.95. If you are looking for the lighter side, you have the option of a salad, slice, and drink for $5.95. This deal is offered daily from 11- 4 pm, so pretty much no matter what your lunch schedule you can find time to sneak over to Rustic Pizza for a slice.

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The slices themselves are downright delicious. Giant Rustic Pizza slices are served on the thin side with a slightly chewy crust. We really liked the simplicity of the sauce, since it was not overly seasoned and is kept simple to enhance the flavor of the crust and toppings. Giant Rustic Pizza manages to create a well proportioned pizza and enjoyable lunch deal.

The special is offered at both Giant Rustic Pizza locations -- Frank Lloyd Wright and Thompson Peak Parkway and 3945 E Camelback Road.

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