Food Truck Frenzy

Luncha Libre Food Truck Changes Name to United Lunchadores Street Gourmet

Same truck, new name. 

The food truck formerly known as Luncha Libre will now be called United Lunchadores Street Gourmet, according to the restaurant's owner. The agreement to change the name came after a cease-and-desist letter from Lucha Libre taco shop in San Diego. 

"It came back to just stepping back and letting wisdom take over rather than trying to fight and possibly win, possibly not," Tim Cobb, owner of the truck, says. "Either way, it would take a lot of money."

Its associated brick-and-mortar store, Taco and Dilla Parlor, will keep its name, and a new outpost called Calaveras Snack Shop is in the works to open soon.  

Cobb says he and wife/co-owner Kim are now working on changing branding online and in merchandising, and signage to match the United Lunchadores brand. The truck will continue to serve its rotating menu of quesadillas and tortas.  

"It was kind of, where do we want to be a year from now?" Cobb says. "Do we want to be in a legal battle or do we want to be running our business?"
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Lily Altavena