Mesa Farmers' Market Is Friday -- Get Some Cukes

The Mesa Community Farmers' Market takes place every Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 260 North Center Street, just north of downtown Mesa.

John Scott of One Windmill Farm, one of the market's produce vendors, says he's been getting a lot of love for his cucumbers. Get your mind back into the kitchen; these are veggies, okay? "We've got plenty of European cucumbers," says Scott, who also vends Saturdays at the Downtown Phoenix and Roadrunner Park markets. "They're probably 4 to 6 inches long; you use them the same as you'd use any cucumber." Hmmm, maybe that doesn't entirely clear it up, but chacun à son goût, after all.

Cute little Brussels sprouts are also in season, and they're one of those things that are simply orders of magnitude tastier when purchased fresh, gently cooked, and lightly buttered. So give 'em a chance.

We also hear that the Friday Carefree Farmers' Market will be closed tomorrow only, March 6, to make room for the Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival, which sounds pretty cool in itself.

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