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New McDonald's Angus Snack Wraps: Look, Ma, No Bun!

This Fry Girl ain't got the smarts for no research and development department. So who am I to say that the year and a half(!) that McDonald's took to develop its new Angus Snack Wraps seems like a year and five months too long. Sure, I could argue that McDonald's Snack Wraps are just burgers wrapped in warm wheat-flour tortillas, but then some golden arches goon in a suit would whack me on the back of the head with trend reports and consumer data, telling me to go back to my standard ho-hum bun while the rest of the world advances in the newest fast food fare.

So I'll pretend, for now, that this all makes perfect sense.

Introduced this week, McDonald's new Angus Snack Wraps feature a 100% Angus beef patty wrapped up in a tortilla and are available in three varieties: Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese, and Mushroom and Swiss.

Hardly qualifying as "snacks" these bun-less babies sported beef that was dry and fairly tasteless. Plus, each one had its own tummyful of troubles. Get the full wrap review after the jump.

Bacon & Cheese Angus Wrap
After a bite into this wrap's dry Angus beef, fake bacon, waxy American cheese, pickles, red onions, and ketchup concoction, you won't know whether the horrible taste you're experiencing is goin' down or comin' up. The closest thing to a packaged dumpster dive I can think of. Stay away at all costs.

Mushroom and Swiss Angus Wrap
Look, Ronald, if you're going to go to all the trouble to pimp Angus beef, don't give me canned mushrooms with an aftertaste of metal. If there's one thing a thin tortilla shouldn't be wrapping, it's gooey mushroom broth. Take a pass.

Deluxe Angus Wrap
The best of the worst, this wrap sports tomato, American cheese, pickles, lettuce and red onions along with (once again) dry, Angus beef. The upside was the crunchy pickles. The downside was more ketchup than the tortilla could handle, spilling out the ends and making the table look like a scene straight out of Saw. You'd be better off with a quarter-pounder with cheese.

A year and a half to develop these? Really? Bun or no bun, McDonald's needs to work harder on the contents of its new Angus Snack Wraps before this Fry Girl strays from Burgerland's time-tested standards. Poppy seed, please!

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Laura Hahnefeld
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