No Bake Caramel Popcorn

Welcome to our new(ish) column, "Ask the Pastry Chef," by Amy Morris, a pastry sous chef at J&G Steakhouse. Have a question for Amy? Leave it in the comments section.

With Caramelpalooza coming up this Friday, I'm suddenly caramel-obsessed! Can I make caramel popcorn without having to bake it? We all love simple recipes, and the less work involved is even better. I tried a couple of recipes that made a caramel out of brown sugar and I ended up not becoming a fan.

Understandably, these recipes should be easier because you don't have to worry about burning the sugar. But, after you made the caramel and coated the popcorn, in the oven it went. That's another step that I felt isn't necessary if the sugar is cooked well the first time.

Easiest way to accomplish that is to use good old regular granulated sugar.

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Amy Morris