No Seconds: Henry Hargreaves Visualizes Death Row Final Meals

We've talked about Henry Hargreaves' work before. In contrast to his radioactively colorful rainbow food, this gallery is darker by degrees. "No Seconds" features simply arranged death row meals. Serial killer John Wayne Gracy's meal, seen above, might make you leery of making a late night trip to satisfy your cravings for the Colonel.

Another standout has to be Ricky Ray Rector's last meal. He ordered steak, fried chicken, cherry Kool-Aid and a slice of pecan pie. Rector reportedly didn't eat the pie and told guards he was saving it "for later." Given that Rector had effectively lobotomized himself with a suicide attempt, that's either very sad, very creepy, or both.

On a lighter note, Hargreaves has done some amusing photography with bacon, M&Ms, and historical figures rendered in toast.

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