Now Open: Prescott Valley Farms

Getting farm-fresh, antibiotic-free meats just got a little easier for Phoenicians.

Prescott Valley Farms recently opened a tiny storefront to sell their own pork, lamb and chickens and outsourced elk, buffalo and French Rouge -- all raised naturally.

Clint Van Wuffen, owner of Prescott Valley Farms, exited a career in politics and started his farm in the Prescott Valley about a year and a half ago with 40 chickens, which he sold at farmers' markets for $15 each.  He has since expanded into pork and lamb and continues raising chickens in spring, summer and fall (he outsources during the winter).

Van Wuffen still sells his meat at Roadrunner Park and Scottsdale farmers markets, but the new store at Bethany Home and 16th Street is yet another avenue to sell his pre-packaged, frozen meat fresh from the farm. What you see on the homemade chalkboard on the back wall is what you get. Currently pre-packaged elk burgers, bacon and sausage are on the menu. Around Thanksgiving he was lucky enough to get his hands on about 20 heritage turkeys. If you're looking for a butcher or fresh meat counter, he'll send you across the street to Hobe Meats.

Read more about Prescott Valley Farms and get the address after the jump.

Carrie Wheeler
The menu board at Prescott Valley Farms.

Prescott Valley Farms gets new shipments of whole natural chickens in Thursday and Friday, which keep for about a week. Order the chicken ($10 each) and Poulet French Rouge ($20) from

their website

for $5 weekly Monday deliveries (no matter what size your order).

Prescott Valley Farms is located at 1616 E. Bethany Home Rd. (just east of Texaz Restaurant) and is open Wednesday - Saturday from 12 - 7 p.m.

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