Pastries and an Eye Opener at Giant Coffee

Finally got over to Matt and Erenia Pool's new Giant Coffee first thing this morning, and I love it already.

The space looks and feels great -- this morning, they had the front doors open to let a nice breeze through. That won't last for long, but on days when the weather allows, it's good feng shui. There's a long communal table down the middle, tables down one side, and sort of table/workstations with electrical outlets along the wall. Wi-fi is on the way (why does it take Quest up to 10 days to do such a seemingly simple thing?)

By the way, the coffee shop is on 1st Street just south of McDowell, behind Thai Hut. 

To go with my tasty honey vanilla latte, I had a cherry-filled hand pie and a chocolate-filled croissant dusted with powdered sugar. Most of the stuff is made by Tammie Coe and MJ, although more items will soon be made in-house, such as granola, and some egg dishes.

Since Giant's only open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. right now (it'll stay open til 7 p.m. after more staff are trained -- soon), Bunky Boutique is opening early as well. The ever-stylish Rachel Richards-Malloy showed up to open her doors at 8 a.m., and told me she planned to continue the early hours for the indefinite future.

Uh-oh! I have a feeling I'm going to be picking up a cute new dress or some jewelry the next time I need a caffeine fix . . .

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Michele Laudig
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