Posh Launches "Chef for a Night"

Ever dreamed of being the chef at a fine dining restaurant? If so, you oughta be schmoozing with Posh chef Joshua Hebert right now.

He's decided to let amateurs take the reins, to some extent, by inviting a different local food fanatic to play chef every other Monday. The "Chef for a Night" gets to write a three-course menu, and is encouraged to be as creative as possible. (Don't forget that on regular nights, Hebert serves "improvisational" tasting menus, so this will be in the same spirit of adventure.)

Once Posh's kitchen staff approves the menu, they'll do the cooking while the guest chef gets to host family and friends. 

Sounds like fantasy restaurant camp, doesn't it?

The first lucky "chef" at next week's launch, on September 20, will be blogger/Yelper/Crazy-Amy-shitstorm-starter Joel LaTondress, who won last weekend's "Foodie Fight 2" cook-off against his pal Ty Largo. Then, on October 4, Desert Smoke BBQ founder Tony Morales will be in the spotlight.

The menu is $29, and will be available with drink specials from 5:30 to 8 p.m. For reservations, call 480-663-7674.

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Michele Laudig
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