Re-creating Pie Zanos' Pizza at Home

So you're in a restaurant, chowing down on the best tuna mac or pizza or boeuf Wellington you've ever had, when a crazy thought comes to mind: I can do this at home!! Without a pro chef's fancy appliances and gadgets, you might be challenged to create restaurant-worthy food. Still, after seeing the Worst Cooks in America go from mac n' cheese in a box to salmon tartare with potato pancakes and dill creme fraiche, we figured we could do anything.

We're starting off with an easy one this week, replicating a fabulously delicious vegetarian pizza we had on a recent trip to Pie Zanos Pizza Kitchen in Phoenix's Town & Country shopping plaza. If you haven't been, Pie Zanos lets you customize your pizza with the sauce, crust, spices and toppings of your choice.

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Wynter Holden
Contact: Wynter Holden