Ron Swanson Does Bacon Beat Poetry

Beat poetry about bacon delivered by a man whose mustache is so masculine it might very well count as another, smaller man, strapped to his face.

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Nick Offerman plays testosterone-laden ultimate man and minor civil servant Ron Swanson in NBC's Parks and Recreation. He has been elevated many times over to internet godhood many times over.

But now he's trying to give something back. He and a small army of other celebrities have teamed up with CollegeHumor to help eliminate malaria one funny video clip at a time. The catch is that viewing the rest of the videos requires a donation, but with an acceptable donation starting at a dollar, it shouldn't shouldn't really be an insurmountable goal.

Offerman's selection of bacon as his poetic muse should not come as a surprise. His affection for pig is well known.

Also well known is his hatred of all things un-American. For instance, "vegan" bacon. Which, to be fair, is frankly wretched stuff.

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