Rumchata: The Cordial Craze That Came From Nowhere

Courtesy of Rumchata.
"Oh my god. Have you tried Rumchata yet?"
If you're like us, you've noticed a new cordial donning bartops all over town in the past month. You've also had several friends say something to the effect of, "Oh my god. Have you tried Rumchata yet?" Chances are if you answer "no," they'll swiftly hand you a glass of it on the rocks, with a light sprinkle of cinnamon on top. If you haven't tried it yet, we know which bars carry it, which stores sell it and what you can expect from your first sip of Rumchata.

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Now to show we aren't exaggerating the instant appeal Rumchata carries, we ordered one at a bar and the two people next to us each ordered one immediately after. All you have to say is Rumchata and people perk up. This hot (in trend and sometimes temperature) new cream liqueur seems to be everywhere right now. Although it was originally released in 2009, the drink has exploded in Phoenix over the past month. The blend of light Carribean rum, Wisconsin cream and a blend of "unique flavors, which come from six different countries as far away as Madagascar." We're assuming the Madagascar element is vanilla and there's also obviously cinnamon in there, but the exact blend is both a secret and a mystery.

Due to its innate creaminess, it can be used in place of Bailey's in Mudslides or cream in drinks like White Russians. The Rumachata website also has a host of other uses for the liqueur, including both food recipes like pancakes and pumpkin pie and drink recipes like egg nog and martinis. However, the drink doesn't have to be mixed with anything to be enjoyed. Since it tastes pretty much like horchata and is so dangerously non-alcoholic in taste, it's sure to get oodles of college chicks drunk in the future served straight up.

Truly, this renaissance cordial can morph into anything you wish it to be and all you have to do is stifle your pride long enough to buy it at your local liquor store or, if you're feeling particularly aloof, order a glass at a bar. If you're in the former category, most grocery stores like Safeway and Albertson's stock Rumchata, along with local joints like Tops Liquor in Tempe or Gilbert Convenient Mart. If you're in the braver, latter category, Hotel Valley Ho, Crescent Ballroom, Los Dos Molinos, Carly's Bistro and House of Tricks are just some of the many local bars jumping on the Rumchata bandwagon.

We don't exactly have an answer as to why Rumchata suddenly exploded onto the Phoenix bar scene four years after its release, but we can say for certain that it's worth a taste if you like horchata or you can't handle a highball.

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