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Six Favorite Specialty Cocktails in Phoenix

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Who says Tuesday morning is an inappropriate time to talk cocktails? Not us. Cheers, Phoenix -- here are six of our favorites. And yours?

6. Caramel Appletini from Amsterdam
One of the many things Amsterdam, the haven for gay and straight alike in downtown Phoenix, is known for is its too-long-to-count list of custom martinis. One of our favorites is a juicy appletini with a sweet caramel twist. The Caramel Appletini from Amsterdam is a bright green martini made with vodka, apple pucker, butterscotch schnapps, and a little bit of nutty liqueur. Served in a caramel-drizzled glass and garnished with slice of apple, it will quench your thirst and leave you wanting more. Starting the 12th of this month, you can also hit up Martini & Manicure Mondays. At only $5 a martini, you can afford to mix it up a bit in your search for the perfect combination, with fabulous nails to boot.

5. Aviation Martini from AZ88 AZ88 has made a name for themselves serving gigantic martinis that servers ever so carefully deliver tableside, usually without a drop spilled, which is more than we can say for your motor coordination after indulging in one of these signature martinis. The Aviation Martini is one of our favorites, with a base of floral Nolet's gin, Luxardo cherry liqueur, and crème de violette. You'll enjoy every sip of the botanical, floral martini in your quest to reach the bright red maraschino cherry at the bottom.

4. Classic Martini from Hanny's
Gin, vermouth, and olives. What's not to love? The bartenders at Hanny's in downtown Phoenix are martini purists, with a classic $5 martini on the menu that goes great with a side of prosciutto de parma and olives. Plus, they'll make your martini as dry or as dirty as you want it to be. We tend to opt for an extra dirty martini, with lots of olive juice. And as last call approaches, Hanny's also starts serving the Petite Midnight Martini, a smaller version of their classic quaff for half the price.

3. Key Lime Pie Martini from FEZ
We're glad FEZ is located right off the light rail, because after a couple of their potent martinis, we're definitely hitting up public transportation. We used to adore the Patrontini, but since they've taken that off the menu, our new favorite is the Key Lime Pie Martini. A vodka base is topped with fresh squeezed lime juice (none of that sugary Rose's lime here!) and vanilla liqueur. Served in a glass with a graham cracker-coated rim, it's better than dessert with half the calories. Check out their top five signature martinis (of many delicious signature martnis) on 'Tini Tuesday, when each pretty little martini is only $3.

2. Hello Kitty from Geisha a Go Go There's something about ordering a Hello Kitty cocktail at Geisha-a-Go-Go that makes us feel a bit skeezy, but with a drink this good, we're willing to play the creep. The light pink, ultra-femme cocktail is combination of Skyy citrus vodka, mixed with strawberry-infused sake and a bit of milky pink Japanese soda pop. Watch the bartender make it, and you'll see that the Japanese soda pop features Hello Kitty hugging a strawberry on the front. Hence the name. Still doesn't make us feel any less creepy for ordering it.

1. White Rabbit from SideBar
After one of these cinnamon-laced, milky White Rabbit cocktails from SideBar, we're ready to head down the rabbit hole. Smirnoff vanilla vodka and Godiva white chocolate liqueur are mixed with horchata and a hint of hazelnut Frangelico to create a delicious rice-milk cocktail we can't get anywhere else. The vanilla sugar lined martini glass adds an extra kick of sweetness to the strong cocktail. Who knew milk mustaches were cool again?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.