The Banana Nutella Crepe at Elevate Coffee Co. in North Phoenix Is Worth the Drive

Nutella has been appearing in all kinds of dishes -- from coffee to cheesecake -- for a while now. Elevate Coffee Co. in North Phoenix has its own offering, in the form of a Nutella crepe.

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We really liked the vibe, and the coffee, at Elevate. A communal work table was packed with patrons working and chatting. There was a good feeling to the space, like you could catch up with a friend over coffee in big orange overstuffed leather chairs, or sit outside on the patio on your first date before a movie. The only downside to the atmosphere of Elevate was a bit of trash talk overheard from the employees about customers not bussing their tables while we noticed several napkins left on the floor.

You may be thinking it's a bit of a cheat to add Nutella to a crepe. Anything with Nutella is going to be good. But Elevate Coffee Co. has a really well done crepe so the Nutella isn't necessarily a cheat, it is an enhancer. The crepe at Elevate was perfect in thickness and texture. We added banana to our crepe, which will add a little extra to your bill, but it was worth it. The chocolate sauce and powdered sugar was a nice touch and made for a pretty presentation.

Elevate offers bananas or strawberries on any Nutella crepe, but if you're a Nutella purist you can just stick with the good stuff and not mess it up with any fruit distractions.

Elevate is located in a shopping center off Happy Valley Road, so it might be a bit of a trek up for some, but the crepes and strong coffee are worth it.

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