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The Flu Shot at Kaleidoscope Juice in Scottsdale: No Needle, but a Lot of Garlic

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If you never did have time to get a flu shot but you're still worried about getting caught by the tail end of flu season, you might want to consider a different option: Kaleidoscope Juice in Old Town is offering its own less painful Flu Shot.

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Mother-daughter team Alexandra and Andrea Maw opened Kaleidoscope Juice last October and say they've already established a loyal customer base that espouses the benefits of juicing -- and we're not talking the Lance Armstrong type of juice. After a year and a half of drinking cold-pressed juices, Andrea lost 40 pounds and was able to stop taking thyroid medication.

Those results may not be the norm, or even what you're aiming for, but perhaps there's something to be said for "the power of living plant nutrition in a very bioavailable form," as Alexandra puts it.

And that's where the Flu Shot juice comes into play.  A potent combination of oil of oregano, fresh turmeric root, cayenne pepper, ginger, lemon, jalapeno, green apple, and garlic.  A lot of garlic.  Not only will the Cullen clan keep its distance, but hopefully so will the flu.

So can you exist on a diet of Kaleidoscope's juices alone?  Not so much. Alexandra explains what her daily diet looks like.

"I like to start my day off with a green juice -- lately I've been tending towards the Green Dragon with kale, green apple, mint, parsley, cucumber, celery and jalapeno. I'll usually follow that up with a quinoa or kale salad for lunch. I might sip on a Turmeric Detox Flush or some spring water. I don't usually wrap up prep for the next day until quite late so we will snack on hummus and veggies while we work and dinner might be steamed veggies over forbidden rice . . . maybe with a glass of pinot if it's not a school night." 

Kaleidoscope's owners say their use of local seasonal produce makes their juices as flavorful as they are nutritious.  The price tag might make you wince ($10 for 16 ounces), but when you consider the pounds of fresh produce in each bottle and the convenience of pouring nutrition down your throat, you might be able to stomach the bill. 

Kaleidoscope Juice 4014 North Goldwater Boulevard, Scottsdale 480-980-8677

Hours: 9 to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday

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