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The Goop-Scooper: Kitchen Clean-Up from Japan and Awesome as Hell

Over-buttered bread? Cake decorating disaster? Post-party clean-up?

Not a problem for the SWITL Robotic Hand, fondly referred to as "The Goop-Scooper." Hailing from Japan, this glob-shoveling gadget is designed to clear away clumps of condiments leaving them completely intact with zero traces of where they once were.

Check out the video to elicit a host of "holy shits!" and make sure to watch the whole thing -- it gets better and better.

Want one of your own? It'll cost you around 70,000 Yen ($850). Or, maybe you'll find something else on the manufacturer's website. That is, if you can read Japanese.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld