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"The Hangover" at The Attic Ends Our Burger Summer

Although the signage for the defunct Cave and Ives is still draped across the outside of the building, the gastropub is now called The Attic, and literally is an attic.

The upstairs loft may be small, but it manages to fit in a bar and a patio for those cool winter nights. Aside from beer, the Attic serves mostly bar food, including, as I am sure you guessed, burgers.

Unfortunately, I didn't fast that day, otherwise I might have been tempted to try the I Can't Believe Huddy Ate This Burger, which consists of six half-pound patties, six eggs, and 12 pieces of bacon. Instead, I settled for one-sixth of that burger and chose The Hangover Burger. The Hangover is topped with an egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, mixed greens, onions, and tomato.

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David Holden
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