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The Ramen Burgerâ„¢ Is Coming to L.A. Tomorrow. Get in Your Car.

No, you didn't read that wrong. The infamous Ramen Burger™ will be within road trip distance this weekend only.

If you're reading this like, "What Ramen Burger™?," here's the deal. Last month, Brooklyn's Smorgasburg market birthed a creation that combines two ramen noodle buns and one juicy beef patty. Keizo Shimamoto, a computer programmer turned ramen blogger, brought a few hundred of the hit product to the market only to find Cronut™-length lines awaiting him. There are tutorials about how to make your own, but until now, the only place you could get an authentic version was in the Big Apple.

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But, now that's all about to change. Or at least it will for one day, this Saturday, September 7 when Shimamoto brings his product to Southern California. Shimamoto's own blog posted this message on Thursday:

A week ago I had a dream that my mom would be able to try a Ramen Burger™, not an imposter but a REAL Ramen Burger™, the same one I debuted at Smorgasburg five weeks ago. Today, that dream will come true. But not only will my mom be able to eat one, my fellow Angelinos who come early will also get to try one.

So get ready, California. Get ready, Los Angeles. Five hundred Ramen Burgers (and maybe some more) will be available first come, first served for $8 beginning at 11 a.m. Saturday.

The Mitsuwa Marketplace, the largest Japanese marketplace in the United States, had several So Cal locations with the Torrance output being found at 21515 S. Western Ave. According to Google Maps, that means it will be about an five-and-a-half-hour drive from downtown Phoenix to the Ramen Burger™.

No word on what time he'll be showing up, though the store's website says it opens at 9 a.m. Either way we have a feeling people will be showing up long before then to get a coveted spot in line. Our advice? Take a sleeping bag.

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