The Worst of Monday Night Martha

Here at Monday Night Martha, we have been preparing a Martha Stewart recipe each week and writing about the results for almost a year. This week we take a look back at some of the worst things we made. Dishes we will not make again, and one that may have permanently scarred us. Ladies and gentleman, though she would have us believe otherwise, not even Martha is perfect. 

Without further adieu, we bring you the worsts: 

In a perfect world, a complicated recipe plus great effort would equal an exceptional tasting cake. Oh, how Martha stripped us of this belief when we made this cake. The beehive cake pan is so cute and inviting, and yet the cake tasted like an adobe brick with honey on it. The texture was way too dense. Where did we go wrong?

The fish soup Martha calls bouillabaisse, we think it's just because she wants to sound Frenchy. Meh. 

We made this Apple, Leek and Butternut Gratin back on November 23, 2009. We had high hopes for it. Could it be a new "must-have" Thanksgiving side dish? Nope. It was weak, mild, and plain. Martha why you got to be so bland? Pass the stuffing. 

Get our favorite flop after the jump. 

This is the recipe where we discovered that Martha lies. Do you have 6 or 7 hours to match up your self-worth with how you perform at making a dessert? Do you like endurance training? Do you think it's cute when recipes are written vaguely? Difficult to make and the end result is a 10-inch disappointing blob of puffs. Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

But not everything was a flop.  Join us next Monday when we bring you some of the success stories, the best and tastiest treats, from Monday Night Martha.


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