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These 5 Phoenix restaurants, bars and bottle shops are now closed

A wine bar, bottle shop and a distillery are among the Valley's recent closures.
Kream Coffee is among the Valley's recent closings.
Kream Coffee is among the Valley's recent closings. Allison Young
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The Valley's recent restaurant and bar closings are evolutions rather than endings. Yes, these concepts are closed. But fans either have other locations they can visit, or new spots have already taken up the mantle. A coffee shop was replaced with another coffee shop, same deal for a local wine bar. A bottle shop has closed, but its second location is evolving. So, while we'll certainly miss the old, we're also excited for the new. Here are five restaurants, bars and bottle shops that have closed around metro Phoenix.

Aioli burger sandwich.
Aioli Burger on Seventh Street closed in mid-November.
Jordyn Carias
Aioli Burger
The location of Aioli Burger on Seventh Street and Bell Road closed in mid-November. The company posted the announcement, explaining that "this decision was not made lightly, and every person employed at this location has been offered a role somewhere else within the company." Fans of the burgers cans still find them at 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard and inside Fry's at Camelback and Litchfield roads, as well as at their food trucks which roll around the Valley popping up at events and festivals.

click to enlarge Bottles of Blue Clover vodka.
Blue Clover Distillery is now One Handsome Bastard Distillery.
Lindsey Hahn
Blue Clover Distillery
Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Blue Clover was more than a distillery. While the spot served and sold its own spirits, it was also a full-service restaurant. Blue Clover has closed, but similar concept One Hansome Bastard Distillery has moved in. The new owners plan to continue making the spirits and also donate 10% of profits from the spirits to the fight against cancer.

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The wine shop portion of Hidden Track has closed in downtown Phoenix.
Lynn Trimble
Hidden Track Bottle Shop Downtown
One downtown Phoenix concept has made the next step in its continuing evolution. Initially, Hidden Track opened as a small wine shop in the Monroe Building's lobby. Over the years, a cafe was added. During the pandemic, that cafe expanded to include grocery items, earning its bodega name. Now, Hidden Track Cafe & Bodega remains open, but the connected wine shop has closed. Those looking for the shop's curated bottles must now travel to their uptown location on 12th Street.

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At Kream Coffee, customers could order at the walk-up window.
Allison Young
Kream Coffee
While shopping for furniture and quirky home goods at For The People on Central Avenue, customers could stop by Kream Coffee for an espresso or chai latte. In an announcement posted online, the owners shared that they "have decided to retire Kream Coffee." However, they have passed the torch. Skoden Coffee, a collective that centers Indigenous creatives, was set to take over on Dec. 4.

Winery 101
Peoria wine bar and bottle shop Winery 101 has closed. The owners have retired and turned over the space to another West Valley wine business. Glendale's Turquoise Wine Bar is opening a second location in the old Winery 101 spot.
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