Three Egg-cellent Kitchen Science Experiments

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At this point, I'm rarely shocked or surprised by the things I see on Pinterest. But this weekend I came across a few photos that made me remember why I fell in love with Pinterest in the first place; because there's never a boring moment with Pinterest in your life.

Experiment #1: The Naked Egg

You haven't truly lived if you've never had a naked egg in your life. Take an egg and place in a cup full of vinegar for 12-24 hours and the shell will dissolve. It's pretty cool.

The pin on pinterest says it can bounce. Yeah...

It does not bounce.

Experiment #2 gives a whole new meaning to walking on egg shells. It turns out you can actually walk on egg shells... Or at least that's what we're lead to believe after reading the science behind this experiment at Steve Spangler Science.

The trick is to get all the eggs oriented in the same direction. Meaning they're all either pointy side up, or down. We did that. And it seemed like it would work, at first.

Try to distribute the weight of your feet evenly, or you might end up with this:

Maybe you'll have better luck?

Experiment #3 are egg geodes. The original tutorial comes from Martha Stewart. I didn't get a chance to make one for myself, but they're too pretty to pass up, so I'm planning to try it this weekend.

Good luck!

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