Top 5 Chow Bella Halloween Tips from Years Past

Still looking for the perfect drink to serve at your Halloween party? Looking for the best Pumpkin beer? Wonder how to properly pair your candy with wine? Chow Bella has you covered.

Check out the Halloween food and drink tips from years past.

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Good Gourd! The Top 10 Pumpkin Beers

Like Linus awaiting the Great Pumpkin, we find ourselves plopped outside our local brew shops each October, anticipating the arrival of the season's bounty of pumpkin ales. The selection is vast -- and each year there seem to be more gourd-based brews on shelves than ever. Some are mediocre; some are worth skipping Trick-or-Treating for. These are the ten best you'll find.

Zachary Fowle

10 Horrific Halloween Shots

Enough with the candy already, give us our booze! We went on the prowl for as many liquor- filled fun shots we could find to truly captured the heart and soul of the Halloween season. These 10 shots were the winners. Most of them are tasty, but watch out --- a couple might end up on our next vomit inducing list!a

See the full list here.

Shannon Armour

The 10 Best Halloween Candies Ever

When it comes to shopping for Halloween candy, everyone knows the basics: no generics, no toothbrushes, no mystery baked goods, and if you're giving out king-sized candy bars, word will quickly spread through the trick-or-treat grapevine that your house is the jackpot.

But what are the specific candies that kids (and their sugar-craving parents) look for inside their plastic pumpkin baskets and worn out pillowcases? To help you navigate through the candy aisle, we've compiled a list of the top ten candies we like to see on Halloween.

Katie Johnson

Sommelier Dave Johnson Suggests Wines to Drink with Your Halloween Candy

So, you're hosting a Halloween party. Worried your wine selection might conflict with, say, the appearance of supermarket cupcakes? Or a bag of fun-sized Snickers? We've got you covered. After a conversation with sommelier David Johnson of Davanti Enoteca we feel better about recommending the following choices that digest beautifully with sugar.

Kate Crowley

5 Ways to Drink Your Halloween Candy

Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, so combining candy AND liquor must be a jovial jaunt to inebriation.

If you've got a bowl full of Halloween candy and some alcohol in your cabinet, why not get creative and really trick-or-treat.

Here are 5 ideas to get make some Candyland-style boozy magic.

Carrie Wheeler

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