Coffee Rush's Cherry Mocha
Coffee Rush's Cherry Mocha

Top Ten Caffeinated Products: Caffiend

Since we started this "Caffiend" blog almost 18 months ago, we've tried tons of coffees, teas, energy drinks, and other caffeinated products. As we near our two-year anniversary, we took a look back at our reviews to see which items pumped us up the most. Here, in descending order, is a list of our "Top Ten Caffeinated Products":

10. Coffee Rush's Cherry Mocha Coffee: Sweet and creamy, this java gave us a severe sugar rush.

9. La Grande Orange's Iced Chai Latte: A delicious blend of Darjeeling tea, ginger, spices, and vanilla.

8. Dutch Bros. ER-911: There's a wallop of caffeine in this coffee (around 462 mg), making it one heck of a high-octane cup o' joe.

7. Bawls G33K B33R: Who needs regular root beer when G33K B33R's packing 100 mg of caffeine from Guarana?

6. Unlimited Coffee's Black Eye: Slightly bitter, but that's what happens when you put four killer shots of espresso in a drink.

Sobe Adrenaline Rush
Sobe Adrenaline Rush

5. M Power Energy Mints: These tasty peppermints provide a surprising -- and substantial -- energy boost.

4. 5-Hour Energy: The ads aren't lying: this little liquid shot provides several hours' worth of energy, minus the sugar crash.

3. Perky Jerky These high-octane beef snacks are not only delicious, but energizing.

2. Dutch Bros. Red Bull Smoothie: Dutch Bros. makes the list twice, this time for its fruity, frozen mix of Red Bull and slushy ice.

1. Sobe Adrenaline Rush: This smooth, refreshing citrus drink is still the best after all these years. Too bad it's become increasingly harder to find in stores.


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