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Vegan Meal Time, My Drunk Kitchen and Others Take on Epic Meal Time

Ever since Epic Meal Time landed on the scene last year, Youtube cooking shows, blending hearty amounts of internet humor and ego with varying levels of culinary talent, have been on the rise. In the digital age, where everything and anything can be recorded and put online, it seems anyone with a cheap digital camera and kitchen is given a venue online to reach viral stardom.

Naturally, this has both its positives, and it's horrible, shrill, nut job drawbacks.

There are four main Youtube cooking series gunning for Epic Meal Time's bacon-grease-stained crown: My Drunk Kitchen, Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking, Vegan Black Metal Chef, and Vegan Meal Time.

In this post, we check out these up-and-coming cooking series, and tell you if they're a worthwhile addition to the viral culinary world, of if there are simply too many cooks in the internet kitchen.

Hit the jump to who can hold their own against Harley and the EMT crew.

My Drunk Kitchen:

If Epic Meal Time is the summer-blockbuster of online cooking shows, with high-production values and the obsessive compulsion to constantly take things to the next level, then My Drunk Kitchen is an small, independent, early Wes Anderson production that went straight to DVD after a decent SXSW showing, only to have its poster be plastered on the wall of every art major's dorm room two years later.

That's exactly the kind of overly complicated metaphor My Drunk Kitchen's host, Hannah Hart, would be all the about. "I like drinking cider, because it tastes like beer for kids," drunkenly mumbles the 24-year old aspiring - something, as she fails to cook yet another meal.

That's right, for the most part, Hart is a horrible chef. She cooks how most people who cook under the influence - constantly forgetting recipes, ingredients, how to turn on an oven, etc. It's like watching one of Tegan and Sara on a bender, and I love it.

Mainly due to the fact Hart is actually intoxicated during filming, the banter and performances of My Drunk Kitchen don't feel forced, and are genuinely hilarious. Hart comes off as someone you would love to get smashed with, and then embark on a failed Taco Night expedition.

Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking:

Anything but metal, Heavy Metal Vegan feels like a bad Tim & Eric skit, or something that belongs only on late-night public access.

Try as hard as you might, veganism is something that will never been seen as metal, no matter how black your shirts may be, host Tim Hogarth. Hogarth lacks any sort of stage presence or delivery. Instead, he kind of just mumbles throughout the video, and then half-heartedly syncs growls of cooking instructions to bad music.

However, HMV's worst sins are the show's skits. Since I assume Hogarth lives a very lonely existence, the multiple characters in Heavy Metal Vegan are all played by him, constantly changing costume and camera shots. Worse, these bits tend to last longer than the actual cooking portion itself. It's sad and pathetically-funny, like most people who wear Pantera t-shirts.

Vegan Black Metal Chef:

A recent entry to the online cooking Thunderdome, but much worse than the similarly themed above. Their debut video was a 14 minute recipe for Pad Thai, sung from beginning to end with black metal lyrics and guitar riffs. I lasted about 90 seconds before punching my speakers.

Vegan Meal Time:

We knew PETA would have a response to Epic Meal Time's carnivorous gluttony. We just didn't think it would be this - awful.

Vegan Meal Time is little more than a blatant EMT parody, aimed at the green crowd. The host is the kind of vegan everyone hates: shrill, loud, pushy, constantly spouting off chicken death statistics. It's like have the dad from Honey I Shrunk the Kids get in my face for eating a burger. He is accompanied only by is gimp-like assistant, presumably because no one can stand being around these two for longer than a few seconds.

Worse yet, is the food. First off, let's make this clear. There are delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan foods out there, you just won't fine any on Vegan Meal Time. Regardless of the dish theme and ingredients, each VMT concoction ends up resembling a giant, unappetizing mound of brown mush, filled with lentils and soy.

Even more vomit-inducing, watching these two actually eat their horrible creations.

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