Where Am I Eating?
Hannah E Williams

Where Am I Eating?

Ever wonder how we make it through Best of Phoenix season? This is your answer: A bad habit of sugar, butter, and caffeine in the mornings at our desks. Can you blame us?

Go ahead and name our vice. We know you know it... Where Am I Eating?

This week has a game changer, so read carefully. We call it "electronic simplification." Instead of wading through a sea of untraceable comments, the first person to email the right answer to us at whereamieating@newtimes.com gets a $25 gift certificate to Coach & Willie's. This way, you don't have to sacrifice your identity to the spammers and we don't have to hunt you down! It's a win-win situation, so shoot us your guess. Our inbox is empty and eager for your reply....

Last week we said too much, and Lisa guessed Scratch Pastries and Bistro right off the bat. Congratulations! Lisa, if you're out there, send us an email so we can get you your prize.

We learned our lesson and are zipping our lips this time (although the photo pretty much speaks for itself...).

Lisa's heading to Coach & Willie's $25 richer this week. Make sure to get your right answer in early via email, and next week, it could be you: Hands down, no questions asked (except where to mail your prize, of course!).

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