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Wrapping Up Your Homemade Food Gifts, Thanks to Pinterest

All right. So you've made a bunch of gifts from scratch, and still have about a dozen cookie parties to attend, but you're sick of generic holiday tins and you don't know what to do. Let's face it, presentation is key. Presentation (and ingredients, of course) is the difference between cupcakes from Fry's and cupcakes from Tammie Coe.

I've never been happier to have Pinterest as a resource. And since we all know it's a huge time suck, I've gone through and picked the simplest and best looking ideas that can be executed without a whole lot of additional stress. See also: -Five DIY Gifts for the Kitchen -Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Dessert Lover

My favorite way to wrap things is with plain old kraft paper (often using paper bags as a substitute), because it's tremendously diverse. You can stamp or paint it, or fancy it up with baker's twine or ribbons. Plus, you can use it year round. Visit Emmaline Bride to see the example above and 12 other ideas for using kraft paper as gift wrap. I find it kind of surprising that the boxes seen above hold cookies?

While we're on the topic of kraft paper, check out this black kraft paper that looks like a chalkboard! I'm officially on the hunt for this stuff. This idea comes from a site called Nashville Wraps, which sells this paper along with a slew of other ideas for wrapping gifts. They even offer a video tutorial "for a few gift wrap tips, including using a tape measure to help cut the wrap to the correct size and double-stick tape for a more finished look." I have a certain brother in law who could benefit from watching this!

There's been an explosion in gift tag fanciness recently, it seems. Or maybe I just wasn't privy to it before Pinterest? Whatever the case, it's worth noting that in many instances "it's all in the gift tags," as clearly illustrated in this example from Fellow Fellow. The best part about this is that these vintage mountain tags are downloadable!

Spoon Fork Bacon has a full tutorial for how to wrap bottles and how to make homemade extracts (which would also make a great gifts, along with homemade liqueurs). They too offer downloadable labels for the extracts.

Finally, and this is my favorite, how about giving a try to the Japanese art of furoshiki? Furoshiki is the art of using cloth to wrap gifts. It's amazing! It's also an elegant, earth-friendly alternative to the hoards of wasted paper. Especially if you use an awesome dishtowel from Frances, as suggested in our Gift Guide for the Mom. Visit Skip to My Lou for video tutorials on how to bust these wraps.

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