Racist Daisy-Chain

The Wild Turkey calls the guv a coward, outs Republican white supremacists, and searches for Dennis Wilenchikís lost subpoenas

Thomas may think he deserves slack 'cause his wife's Hispanic, but bashing brown's been on his agenda since day uno. Thomas sponsors an "Illegal Immigration Journal" linked to the MCAO's Web site, and he's led the effort to deny bail to illegals and prosecute them for conspiracy to "smuggle" themselves into the country.

Arpaio's a Joe-come-lately to the bigot parade, but he's been making up for lost time, mending fences with former rival and second-in-command Pearce. Arpaio was even on Lou Dobbs' show recently, calling it "an honor" to be labeled KKK by certain detractors. "It means we're doing something," he informed the conservative CNN pundit.

Days later, Arpaio tried explaining away the Klan remark, but this worm-wrangler thinks Arpaio was right from jump. There's precious little shame in the game of certain Republicans these days. That's why virulent anti-Semites like J.T. Ready are able to infiltrate Republican ranks. And it's why racists like Russell Pearce are feted as heroes.

Fred Harper
Bosom buddies: J.T. Ready (left) and Russell Pearce at an anti-immigrant fest in June. Photo from the Web site of the racist White Knights of America.
Bosom buddies: J.T. Ready (left) and Russell Pearce at an anti-immigrant fest in June. Photo from the Web site of the racist White Knights of America.


When it comes to taking a stand against the seething bigotry and intolerance in Sand Land, Governor Janet Napolitano ain't no profile in courage. In fact, a line she spouted recently on CNN concerning her decision not to endorse anyone in the crop of presidential contenders pretty much sums up her political career.

"I'm going to ride my horse in the middle of the river," she proclaimed.

So what else is new? Google "spinelessness" and you're sure to come across the schmuckish mug of the quisling Dem. So far, her greatest accomplishment in office has been not getting impeached or indicted like her predecessors. She's certainly been miserly with all that political capital she's banked since whipping Len Munsil's fanny in '06 by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

She could have vetoed Russell Pearce's racist employer-sanctions law, aimed at driving the immigrant population of Arizona back over the border. Instead, Nappy bided her time, waiting to see if immigration reform would survive in the U.S. Senate, thus giving her a political CYA. When that didn't happen, she signed the bloody thing, despite noting numerous problems with the legislation.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people stand to lose their jobs because of this travesty — made possible by a Democrat. Businesses fear for their livelihoods. Economists break into panic attacks anticipating the fallout. But don't look to Nappy for anything beyond her usual, stultifying inaction. After all, she wants to run for the U.S. Senate, or snag a Cabinet post in a new Demo administration in Washington, which means she'll be sitting on her hands.

So why did the AZ Anti-Defamation League just honor the guv with its highest honor, the Jerry J. Wisotsky Torch of Liberty Award?

"You look at one bill," admonished Bill Straus, the AZ ADL's regional director, after The Bird mentioned the Pearce legislation. "We're looking at her career. She has pretty much established a framework of trying to unite disparate groups. Even her motto, One Arizona — it's pretty much the walk she's walked."

Granted, this beak-bearer would rather have Nappy as guv than a Taliban Republican like Munsil. And when this goose takes a gander at the previous recipients of this same AZ ADL award, it feels for the ADL's dilemma in roping in a deserving, marquee name for its big fundraiser. Past honorees include union-buster Eddie Basha; sports wheeler-dealer Jerry Colangelo; and Republican Senator Jon Kyl, formerly known as the Prince of Darkness.

The ADL polished off a Torch of Liberty for Kyl before he pulled his own JFK moment by trying to help pass comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate. Kyl was pilloried by extremists in his own party as a result. Like Janet, he too had just won re-election in '06. Maybe you can argue that Kyl has a six-year cushion, and no higher political ambition. Still, he bravely added his name to the fight.

What The Bird wants to ask Nappy is, what's the point of having power if you decline to exercise it in sensitive situations? Particularly when the authority you wield could assist the persecuted?

Pardon this penguin for getting all literary on your ass, but in Dante's Inferno, cowards are punished before the gates of Hell by swarms of stinging horseflies and wasps. Sorry, but that's a reward more suitable for our Cowardly Lion of a chief executive than any Torch of Liberty.


So why is New Times' grand jury file missing subpoenas sent to this paper and to reporters John Dougherty and Paul Rubin?

That's what Superior Court Judge Anna Baca wanted to know in a recent minute entry demanding that the County Attorney's Office file a supplemental report on the search for the lost docs by November 21, and that an office rep appear in court on November 26 to discuss the matter.

County Attorney Candy Thomas won't have to bust out the good wingtips. Rather, Chief Assistant County Attorney Sally Wolfgang Wells (real middle name, BTW) will likely be in attendance for him.

It's Wells who had the uncomfortable task of telling Baca in a recent report that — as Baca requested back on October 24 when the judge unsealed the grand jury files — the County Attorney's Office had obtained the prosecution file from former special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik. After searching the file, the CA's Office determined that "no documents were located in that file that should have been part of the Clerk of the Court's file."

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Wow. Arizona is one crazy-ass state......to think I once considered moving there. Thank God I didn't. It's surprising that no one does anything about Arizona's sad sad situation.


Who are you, Thorsson, the heathen event police? FB didn't say his source said that it was an Asatru or Troth blot specifically. Maybe there are some neo-Nazi blots in town that you don't know about. Poor, poor white people, have to arrange to wear funny hats and drink mead in the desert because they don't have a distinguishable culture to be proud of in this century.


Anyone who thinks that the Asatru ceremony known as the BLOT is a neo nazi or racially bigoted event in any way,shape or form knows very little,if anything about it or our way.I don't care if said person is one who attends the event casually and happens to have some fascistic beliefs that the LARGEST PART of the Asatru community do not share,or if said person is a liberal demagogue writer for the new times who thrives on giving people a poorly earned spotlight for his own sensational ends;If you think that our beliefs,rites and practices are in any way bigoted,you need to do what Paul Tsongas once encouraged the media to do-YOUR GODDAMNED HOMEWORK!


Todd Stallion
Todd Stallion

I'm all Greased Up, and ready for some ACTION. Especially when my loyal subjects Dennis and Andrew both rub a juicy piece of Smitty's peperonni pizza all over my Royal Stallion. YeeeeeHawwww.

J. Adler
J. Adler

How can the Republican party allow this buffoon of a neo-Nazi in their ranks? J.T. Ready would have had no place in the AZ GOP when Goldwater (Barry, not doofus Don) was around. But with the party run by the likes of Randy Pullen and Russell Pearce, it's turned into a gutter filled with racist trash like Ready. I'm so disgusted I could puke.

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