Chill factor

Clean-cut bros and skinny broads at Frasher's in Scottsdale on Saturday, February 23rd. Click here for more photos.
Lilia Menconi

We were all over the east side on Saturday, February 23, looking for just the right party. We hit Tempe Marketplace, but after one glance at the endless lines filled with ASU duders, we discovered that our patience had run too thin for the hustle and bustle. So we changed course for something a little more low-key — an evening at Frasher's in Scottsdale.(Click here for more photos.)

This classy joint was just what we needed with a quiet crowd of over-25 folks who've moved beyond the get-drunk-until-you-puke college experience. With a sprawling bar, cocktail tables and squishy couches, there was plenty of room to sit back, relax, and chat with other subdued souls.

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