10 Awesome Aziz Ansari GIFS

Wait. You got your

Aziz Ansari

tix already, right? Good. 'Cause his Buried Alive Tour stops at

Comerica Theatre

on May 5. Ready for the pre-party? Here it goes: 10 GIFS of our favorite swagtastic comedian, Yeezy sidekick, and

Parks and Recreation

character. (Deal with it, Swansonians.) That one up there? That's a bonus GIF, from us to you, boo.

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"Why isn't this purple?" Fiddy inquired.

Ziz brings it as Jay and Ye's backup dancer in the "Otis" vid.Tammy Two hearts "Glen."

No doubt those Downton Abbey gals are trouble.

How would you read it? All boring?Leslie Knope and Tom Haverford, datin' in the day, datin' in the night...

Aziz's adventures in pitiful pickup lines.

No caption needed.That's all, folks.

Tommy Timberlake out.

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