10 Tattoo Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

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For those in the industry, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools a tattooer can use. Short of the right choice of machine, ink, and other actual tattooing equipment, the photo-sharing app may very well be the next most important piece of the puzzle for tattooers to utilize. After all, who cares how awesome your tattoos are if no one can see them?

Welcome to tattooing in the age of social media, here are 10 tattoo artists you should be following on Instagram.

Roman Abrego

Aside from being one of the most respected biomechanical (and realism) tattooers in the world, Roman Abrego does a great job of keeping his Instagram account interesting. The mohawked tattooer from Yucaipa, California, doesn’t just post photos of his most recent work, but also the people he meets at conventions, his nights out with friends, and many other aspects of his daily life. Plus, over a half-million followers can’t be wrong.

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Oliver Peck

You may know him as the judge with the great mustache on Ink Master, or maybe as the guy who was married to Kat Von D for a while, but Oliver Peck is way more than just that. Whether he’s in Dallas at Elm Street Tattoo or at True Tattoo in Hollywood, Peck is one of the most entertaining and beloved people in the tattoo world. You won’t find too many photos of his work on his Instagram (although a simple Google search will reveal everything you need to see), but he’s worth following just for the humor and amusement.

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Gavan Daly

The New York and South Carolina tattooer better known as Knarly Gav’s work isn’t for everyone. It’s simple, different, and often humorous. But unlike many other minimalistic and humorous tattooers, Gav’s are done exceptionally well. Outside of the dozen-ish designs he’s known for, his blackwork is as good as anyone’s. Really, his “cat eating a watermelon” design is as iconic as any in modern tattooing these days.

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Mikey Sarratt

Not only is the owner of Phoenix’s High Noon Tattoo among the best neotraditional artists you’ll find in the state, he’s also one of the best Instagrammers. His feed is filled with amazing Star Wars, fishing, and other tattoos, but he also does a great job of posting the other things going on in his life (like trips to Costa Rica with his wife, fishing adventures, and his adorably tiny cats). Oh, and he posts awesome tattoos nearly every day since he seems to always be working.

Luke Wessman

For those who want more than just tattoos and daily life shots from an Instagram feed, look no further than Luke Wessman. When not tattooing, the Miami Ink and NY Ink veteran provides everything from style to dating tips on his Lost Art of the Gentleman account, although plenty of that spills over into his personal account as well. Wessman is a classy dude with some gangster tendencies, and it makes for Instagram gold.

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