4/20 Celebrations, Wet Electric, and Third Friday Over the Weekend

Pool parties, art, and music all swirling in a cloud of pot smoke. This morning you might be asking yourself, "did the weekend even happen?" Well, we have the evidence to prove that yes, in fact it did.

4/20 Celebrations Across Phoenix

4/20 was quite the busy day in Phoenix. The Sail Inn offered a full day and night of music thanks to Phochella, showcasing bands like Kongos, Mergence, and The Love Me Nots. Down the street, The Stray Cat Bar & Grill had their own 4/20 party complete with live music and live art. All Cheba Hut locations had sandwich specials and bong raffles. Paraphernalia Boutique had some free pot necklaces, glass blowing demonstrations, and plenty of munchies to go around. See the full 4/20 celebration slideshow.

Pedal Craft PHX and Third Friday

Third Friday felt a bit more like its earlier-in-the-month edition thanks to Pedal Craft PHX at Kitchen Sink Studios. The celebration of all things cycle wasn't the only thing worth checking out. Dayvid LeMmon and Anthony Zeh debuted a pair of photography exhibitions that showed just how diverse one medium can be. See the full Third Friday, Pedal Craft PHX slideshow.

Wet Electric at Wet 'N Wild Phoenix Waterpark

Wet Electric could not have happened at a better time of year. It's warm enough to wear a bikini but not so warm you have to run for shade, and the event occurred in the midst of a bunch of great concerts. The banana loving electro Swedish duo known as Dada Life played to a packed wave pool party at Wet 'N Wild on Saturday, April 21. There were lots of beautiful people grooving to great music. See the full Wet Electric slideshow.

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