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5 Movies to See in Metro Phoenix This July

When it's this hot outside, the question isn't which movie/s should you see, it's which movies should you see multiple times to avoid being outside. Even a bad movie is better than braving the raging inferno that we call home this time of year, but we've also rounded up some good ones that you can check out as well. Entertainment and survival? Now that's a win/win.

Plays Tuesday, July 7, at Harkins Camelview 5

The world said good-bye to one of the greatest entertainers of all time last year when Robin Williams ended his own life. Local theaters brought some of his best movies back to the big screen in the aftermath, and now it's time to see his last performance. In Boulevard, Williams plays a man who is unhappy with his mundane life. The premise is something so many of us can relate to, and Williams had a gift for bringing ordinary people to life in a way no one else can. The is a New York Film Critics Series presentation.

Opens Friday, July 17

Amy Schumer isn't America's Sweetheart — more like the sweetheart's sassy, no-holds-barred, swears-like-a-sailor best friend. She's the poster child for all things raunchy and awesome these days, and starring in Trainwreck will just solidify that status. In it, she plays a woman who doesn't believe in monogamy, until she begins to fall for the subject of an article she's working on. It's an anti-romantic comedy (or is it?), and one that hopes to redefine the term chick flick for good. Keep an eye out for co-star LeBron James and decide for yourself whether or not he should quit his day job.

Opens Friday, July 17

Paul Rudd is on a mission to prove size doesn't matter. Wait, no, that doesn't sound quite right. As the newest (and tiniest) hero to join the Marvel big screen family, though, Rudd's Ant-Man certainly has big shoes to fill. As a former burglar who has promised to no longer break in to places and steal things, he is recruited to don a new high-tech suit that will shrink him to the size of a bug, give him enormous strength, and allow him to break in to places and steal things, this time for a higher purpose. . . or so we think.

Point Break
Plays Saturday, July 18 at Pollack Tempe Cinemas

With an outrageous premise that centers around bank-robbing surfers and the ultimate Keanu Reeves line, "I AM AN FBI AGENT," it's no wonder this film became a cult classic. Don't forget, though, that this was directed by a future Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow, and has some truly intense moments. When Johnny Utah (Reeves) gets sucked in undercover with a gang of surfers lead by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), the line between the good guys and bad guys becomes blurry, even for straight-laced Utah. See it when Cult Classics and Zia Records present a screening so you can compare it to the re-make slated for release this December.

Plays Saturday, July 18, at FilmBar

As part of Cinema Clandestino, a monthly screening of Latin American and Spanish films, FilmBar is highlighting Ardor. An intense film about a mysterious man who helps a family save their land from some truly bad men, Ardor stars Gael García Bernal and Alice Braga collaborating for the first time since their work in Blindness. Get ready to stay on the edge of your seat, especially if you forget your glasses and struggle to read the subtitles. 

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