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5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix This January

If one of your resolutions is to see more movies this year, we applaud your priorities and look forward to helping you achieve that goal — starting right now. There are several local screenings to check out in January 2016, as well as a couple of big releases to see, including one that you're going to need to check out before the Oscars if you want to know what everyone else is buzzing about.

Sherlock: The Abonimable Bride
Monday, January 4, and Tuesday, January 5

It's elementary, dear reader. The Sherlock series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is nothing short of exceptional and certainly worth of a big screen debut. Select AMC theaters in the Valley will be showing this episode for two days. As an added bonus, there will be extras including a guided set tour of 221B Baker Street hosted by co-writer Steven Moffat and a “making of” short feature starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and the makers of Sherlock.

The Revenant
Opens Friday, January 8

Everyone has been talking about Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in this film for months and for good reason: The man is incredible. Despite a career of great performances, the Oscar has been just out of reach for poor Leo, but that could/should all end this year. And really, as great as he is, the better performance in the film may just belong to his co-star, Tom Hardy. The film is an intense, partially true story about a man who is left for dead in the 19th century American wilderness and the journey he takes for revenge. Keep an eye out for the scene where Leo's character tries raw bison liver; his reaction wasn't scripted, but the director left it in the film anyway.

We Want Roses Too
Sunday, January 17 at Phoenix Art Museum

The feminist slogan “We want bread, but we want roses too” was first chanted by thousands of striking female textile workers in Massachusetts in 1912. This film focuses on the sexual revolution and feminist movement in Italy in the 1960s and '70s. Attend this screening and also stay for a conversation with filmmaker Alina Marazzi moderated by Enrico Minardi of Arizona State University.

Durant's Never Closes
Opens Friday, January 22 at Harkins Shea 14

You may have enjoyed a meal at Durant's in Phoenix at some point, but do you know the story of the man behind the name? Rumors of mafia connections and all kinds of shady stories surround the legend of Durant's and now a local film company is bringing it to the big screen. After a successful Kickstarter campaign helped them raise the funds to produce and distribute it, the time has come to see the final product. 

The Finest Hours
Opens Friday, January 29

Just watching the trailer for this one is enough to leave you breathless; imagine what it will be like in a two-hour movie. Based on a true story (apparently the theme for this month), the film documents what is known as the most daring Coast Guard rescue of all time. The tagline on the poster is enough to give you chills: "32 survivors, room for 12." Sounds like some tough decisions and harsh weather conditions are in store with this one. Hold on tight. 
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