7 Things We Learned from Fuller House During "Ramona's Not So Epic Party"

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Each week, we're recapping season one of Fuller House, episode by episode. Do it Gibbler Style, y'all.  

"Ramona's Not So Epic Party" revolved around the 13th birthday of the one-and-only Gibbler spawn. Everything was centered around the party, including the complicated dynamic between her soon-to-be-divorced parents. It was a jam-packed episode, so we're breaking it down with our biggest takeaways.

Steve has no chill.
It was exciting to see DJ's high school sweetheart Steve show up in the first episode. That is, until he started talking. Pretty much immediately, he tells DJ that he's available whenever she's ready to start dating. Furthermore, he tells her — a grieving widow — that he should have married her at the prom. Yikes. This episode, he subtly tells her how lonely his bed was with Comet Jr. Jr. staying overnight at the pet clinic. He then not-so-subtly tells her that he was trying to imply that he's not dating anyone. Nice one, Steve. He spends the rest of the time bumbling around, trying to distract hunky Dr. Matt with the option of dating Kimmy "Stinky Feet" Gibbler instead of DJ. Quit while you're ahead, Steve. At least, take it down a notch or five. 

Max must be paired with a dog at all times. 
Max doesn't have the best track record with people so far. He made Stephanie stop her DJ set at Coachella to give him a pep talk. He ratted out Jackson about the lack of parental supervision at his friend's house. He told Ramona that her birthday hair was "a bit much." This has led him to lots of time alone with his dog, Cosmo, and that's okay! Puppies are adorable, obviously, and they, in turn, make Nerd Captain Fuller adorable, too. The doggy potty training sequence and their quest to sniff out potential zombies amid the blackout almost made us forget about his awful trombone playing, and that's saying a lot.

Read on for more on Kimmy's party-planning abilities, the latest with Stephanie, and a cautionary tattoo tale.
Kimmy actually threw a pretty sweet party. 
Kimmy runs a professional party planning business called "Gibbler Style." We'll let that go for now. Our first glimpse at her work was the Elder Tanners' going-away party, which was pretty much just some food and a balloon arch. For her daughter though, she turned it up, taking a page from a Lisa Frank sticker book and bedazzling the whole backyard. It looked awesome. Unfortunately, all those lights plus a DJ rig caused a blackout, which is the second Ramona-related house disaster so far this series. (Diaper in a toilet, anyone?)

Ramona officially takes the lead for for surliest teen in the house. 
First, she was mad that she had to move to a new school. Okay, we can sort of get that. Then, she has a ton of her new friends show up to her birthday party, and when the power goes out, she's convinced that the whole thing is a wash. Girl, every adult in that house is trying to fix it while you huff and puff that it's, "not as epic as I thought it would be." Squash that attitude, missy. You had way more friends show up than the Elder Tanners did to their going-away party after 30-plus years in San Francisco, so be grateful.

Jackson's "cool kid" makeover was a nod to the '80s.
It had to be, right? There's no other explanation why it was so out of touch for 2016. Surprisingly, it was Stephanie, of all people, who talked some sense into him. Not before his last AXE body spray plug, though. 

Fernando has a tattoo that says, "I Love Pork Fried Rice." 
This was revealed in order to curb Ramona's desire for an "I'm 13!" tattoo. Kids, don't get one unless you know what it says in Chinese. 

Stephanie is a ~*world-renowned DJ*~.
Oh wait, no, the show has reminded us every single episode.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.