Altered Perceptions: Ingrid Restemayer and Christy Puetz Present "Shapeshifters" at Modified Arts

Shapeshifters may not be the word that comes to mind when you walk into Modified Arts to see the current show by Ingrid Restemayer and Christy Puetz.

As New Times' Kathleen Vanesian writes in this week's art feature, with Shapeshifters, "what you see might not be exactly what you get."

Puetz and Restemayer explore symbolism, identity and storytelling in their collaborative exhibition (up through February 15) -- both with sharply contrasting, yet complementary needlework based on the archetypal myth of the shape-shifter. Vanesian writes:

Restemayer and Puetz have seized the idea to illustrate how humans psychologically and perceptually shape-shift, whether consciously or unconsciously, depending on the people, situations, or personal experiences with which they are dealing.

Modified's exhibition, well balanced and thematically seductive, is a great example of how artists can work collaboratively, while maintaining their distinct aesthetic identities, to produce a cohesive result. Full story (and check out the slideshow here)...

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton