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AZ Filmmakers Debut 48 Hour Challenge Films

There's a lot of things you can easily do in two days' time: do your laundry, get the yard work done, or maybe even read that book you've been putting off for the past three years.

Making a short film in that time however, is pretty challenging if not downright impossible.

More than 70 teams of Arizona filmmakers took up this task as a part of the Almost Famous Film Festival's 7th Annual 48 Hour Challenge. Each team completed a one- to five-minute film utilizing three preset guidelines. Only the top 20 were chosen to premiere to the public on March 3.

Find out how you can watch 20 films for only $8 after the jump.

This year, participating filmmakers were challenged to incorporate a scene with envelope being opened, the line "I hope this works," and a change of heart theme into their movies.

Participants include Paranoia director Bivás Biswas competing against his co-producer Diane Dresback, as well as the Mambo Grin Films team, who were one of the top three audience picks for the 2010 competition with their film Blind Date.

The 48 Hour Challenge premiere will take place at the AMC 24 in Arizona Center on March 3. Tickets can be purchased on the Almost Famous Festival website.

You can also watch the ten honorable mentions for the 2011 festival on the A3F Vimeo channel.

Here is one of the films that caught an honorable mention called Daddy Warblocks by Storybird Films:

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