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Big Brain Update: Phoenix Performer and Activist Dulce Juarez

Leading up to this year's Big Brain Awards, we're checking in with past winners. Up today: Dulce Juarez.

You might call Dulce Juarez a two-for-one.

The performer and activist transitions between (and blends) the worlds of art and politics in compelling and creative ways. That's a major reason why she won a Big Brain Award in 2012 for her work in the field of performing arts.

See also: Announcing the 2014 Big Brain Finalists Via e-mail, Juarez updated us on her latest projects, her vision for a more progressive Arizona, and where she sees herself in the next year.

What have you been up to since winning a Big Brain Award? A lot of different projects. I am currently focused on documenting civil rights abuses under SB 1070 , I now work for the ACLU of Arizona and love it. I also teach people to know their rights and on my spare time I perform and volunteer with immigrants' rights groups like Puente AZ!

I was able to work with Puente Human Rights Movement and help them to put on street theater shows.

I taught and presented a street theater worskhop for the Not 1 More Deportation Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in October 2013.

I was in Bless Me, Ultima with Teatro Bravo.

I have performed my one-woman skit, on culture and Identity called Mujer Color Bronze, Bronze-Colored Woman at ASU and UofA and many other venues and private art events.

I was a recent 2013 and 2014 performer and participant of the Mujeres del Sol, women of color artist collective.

What's your next big project? I am not sure yet, I am working on developing a new piece "Tiger Wombyn: honoring and telling the story of my SHEores."

Where do you see Phoenix a year from now? A more diverse and inclusive city of all people setting the example for this whole racist state to become more progressive! More culture and more flavor up in this place! We are moving forward!

Where do you see yourself a year from now? I am not sure, but wherever it is that I am in a year, I am sure I will be having fun and doing something amazing, educating, empowering and inspiring, uprising, continuing to support the people's movement for freedom and justice!

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