Call for Artists: Re-imagine Downtown at Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory

The Phoenix Urban Research Lab (PURL) is home ASU's design students, local design professionals, and a 20-by-20 foot model of Downtown. 

The 1:32-scale model began as four panels in 2005. Since then, it's grown and changed with models created by ASU students that reflect the city's ever-evolving landscape. 

This year (and for the first few weeks of January), design coordinators at PURL are looking for artists and designers to re-imagine the Downtown model, which has been used for discussions about city planning and development. 

"We want to engage local and national talent to do this, helping us think of new ways to use the model to address the central role of design and place-making in the achievement of sustainable urbanism," writes PURL's Assistant Director, Aaron Kimberlin. 

Kimberlin says he hopes submissions will enhance the model with sensory elements as well as technological and design-based details. 

To enter, individuals and teams must submit a a title, a proposal visualization (up to five images, 200dpi, in 11" x 17", .pdf format) by January 15. Those who wish to submit a proposal can ask questions and check out the model during PURL's three upcoming open houses, on November 28, December 12, and January 9 from 2 to 5 p.m. at 234 N. Central Aveunue, Suite 9401. 

Up to three finalists (determined by public Facebook and Twitter votes) will win $250 and will meet with PURL staff to discuss their proposals. 

For more information, check out the PURL website or contact Kimberlin at Aaron.Kimberlin@asu.edu. 

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