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Get crafty at Potters’ Peak, Scottsdale’s coffee shop/pottery studio

It's fun all year round at the local shop, but Potters' Peak is currently offering some Valentine's Day activities for you and your sweetie.
Need a date idea for Valentine's Day? Sample coffee flights and learn how to create this heart-shaped mug from the artist herself and Potters' Peak instructor Melissa Martinico.
Need a date idea for Valentine's Day? Sample coffee flights and learn how to create this heart-shaped mug from the artist herself and Potters' Peak instructor Melissa Martinico. Nikki Michelle Charnstrom
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The smell of freshly ground espresso beans fills the air as sunlight spills through windows and onto shelves of unfinished pottery and thriving monstera plants. Across the room, a potter gathers her tools, weighs her clay and preps the wheel — a gentle checklist before the creative process can begin.

A sanctuary of clay and coffee, Potters’ Peak is a Scottsdale-based pottery studio and coffee shop founded by mother-daughter duo, Lena and Rose LeVeque. Shaped by community, culture and tradition, the family-owned business provides local artists and art enthusiasts alike with the support of an art program in the comfort of a neighborhood coffee shop.

“We want to bring people in (who) want to be in a community of other artists and people (who) are supportive. We really strive on making sure that everybody feels like it is a safe space to come and create whatever you want and enjoy the process,” says Rose, co-owner of Potters’ Peak. “That was our main goal was to really create a space to build friendships and build opportunity for potters who really want to grow and just find like a happy art place.”

As a third-generation potter from Montana, Rose sought to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps of owning a pottery studio. After just one phone call and a convincing business proposal, her mom Lena, a master potter herself, moved to Arizona to partner with Rose on this endeavor.

A name inspired by the earth, craftsmanship and creativity, Potters’ Peak opened its doors in December 2022, and became an embodiment of two elements Rose loves most: pottery and coffee.

“I have a full love for coffee, so I really wanted to add the coffee shop,” Rose says. “We wanted to make it so that people could sit here and relax and drink coffee with friends but also see what’s going on, and like people throwing… so, even if they don’t want to get dirty, they can sit here with coffee and watch other people get messy and just enjoy the space.”

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The cozy interior of Potters' Peak.
Nikki Michelle Charnstrom

Instilling growth

With six years of full-time pottery under her belt, Rose never imagined becoming a pottery instructor but over the past year, she has found fulfillment in sharing her craft with others.

“This is my first year of teaching but I love it because you really get to see people when they are at the absolute hardest point of their journey, and then after a few months of them practicing, you really see how much they’ve grown,” Rose says. “Pottery is not easy. It’s so hard and people get so frustrated, and then to be able to see them so happy with this little piece that’s slightly crooked is so exciting.”

Rose hopes Potters’ Peak can be an escape for anyone looking to join a community, relieve stress or find relaxation. Between their studio memberships, six-week courses, mini workshops, date nights and various classes, Rose and her team welcome all experience levels — bringing novice and advanced potters together under one roof.

“We like to have that balance in our classes because if you have a class full of just brand-new people, there is no way an instructor is going to be able to actually help every single person the entire time, and … with the collective of people, you end up getting a really well-rounded, actual learning experience,” Rose says.

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Potters' Peak is a coffee shop and pottery studio located in north Scottsdale.
Nikki Michelle Charnstrom

Nurturing community

Coming from a close-knit pottery community in Montana, it was important to Rose that she encouraged that same level of support and friendship across the Valley’s art scene.

“A lot of times in the art community there are places where studios are toxic and we really wanted to create a space that we were excited to go to and… that people were happy to be at when they walk in,” says Rose.

Regardless if it’s someone’s first time throwing clay or they have been practicing pottery for years, Rose is excited about the community that has formed because of Potters’ Peak. Whether a local artist is looking to hone their craft or a couple is interested in a unique date night, Rose says most people who walk into Potters’ Peak have a fun and memorable experience.

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Between Feb. 4 and 18, Potters' Peak will feature two Valentine's Day-themed coffee and energy drink flights.
Nikki Michelle Charnstrom

Curating experiences

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Potters’ Peak is making preparations for a festive date night experience. From romantic music in the background to pink and red decorations strung throughout the studio, Rose and her team are excited to offer a date night opportunity for couples who aren’t afraid to get messy and try their hand at pottery.

On select Friday and Saturday evenings in February (Feb. 9, 10, 16 and 17), couples who book a date night will be taught how to make a heart-shaped mug by Potters’ Peak instructor Melissa Martinico. In addition to the mug, Rose says couples will also receive a handmade heart-shaped ornament to take home.

“Date nights, which are one of our biggest classes, are just fun. We put two people to a wheel and you have to throw with the person. So, one hand to one hand — it’s real hard and you either fall in love with your person or you leave and you’re mad,” Rose says. “We don’t usually have people that are angry, it’s usually just more funny. It’s more like a challenge for a couple kind of situation, or you can come with friends.”

In addition to date night opportunities, Potters’ Peak will also feature two Valentine’s Day-themed drink flights: coffee and lotus-based. Through Feb. 18, the coffee shop will serve both flights — each complete with four 4-ounce curated drinks presented on custom trays that were handmade in the studio.

The Valentine’s Day coffee flight will consist of a variety of coffee-based drinks, including strawberry mocha, white mocha with pomegranate cold foam, pistachio rose cold brew with rose cold foam and strawberry matcha. The Valentine’s Day lotus flight will consist of plant-based energy drinks, including Gettin’ Nerdy, Blushing Berry Lotus, Love Potion and chocolate-covered strawberry.

“For Valentine’s Day, we were trying to come up with anything and everything that’s just pink and pretty and glittery and fun,” says Rose. “They are all fancy and cute. We have heart-shaped straws for them and everything’s pink. We went a little all out.”

Potters' Peak Coffee & Pottery is located at 10855 N. 116th St., #101, Scottsdale. For date night availability, visit the Potters' Peak website for more information.

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