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Cycle: Announcing the Jackalope Ranch Readers' Trail Ride

That time of year when all Valley of the Sun residents rejoice and bask in the glory of perfect weather has arrived. While most of the rest of the country continues to cope with winter, Phoenix basks in the glow of clear skies and mid-70's temps. And none of us should have an inkling of an impulse to remain inside.

So it's time to officially announce the first Jackalope Ranch Readers' Trail Ride. Jackalope Ranch and Cycle are hosting a ride - readers' choice - on March 20. But it's up to you to pick the ride. It can come from a previous Cycle ride or it can be one of your favorite routes about town.

Make your suggestions for the ride in the comments section below. It can be easy, challenging, on the road, or on the dirt. Finalists will be announced in the March 2 edition of Cycle, with the readers' choice announced March 11.

It is time to flood the Valley's trails with jackalopes. Get that bike tuned, slather on some sunscreen, groom up those antlers and get ready to ride.

Cycle also wishes everyone headed down to Tucson to ride in the Kona 24-Hours in the Old Pueblo a great ride this weekend. Enjoy the fiesta in the desert!

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