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Cycle: Score Deals and Brats at Bicycle Haüs Swap Meet in November

You always have to tip your hat to a local business that can not only hang in there eight years after opening, but grow into a local institution.

Scottsdale's Bicycle Haüs has done just that, and it's holding one of its famous swap meets to celebrate its anniversary.

The swap meet, now in its fourth year, is set for November 8 at 6:30 p.m. with no specific end time in mind. Bicycle Haüs will provide some tables for first-comers as well as brats, beer, some raffle prizes, and, most importantly, a place for cyclists to exchange war stories from the pavement and trails.

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"We truly wanted a community event where our customers who had extra cycling stuff could hang out and sell or trade their things without the pain to put on line," says Shasta Keltz, co-owner of Bicycle Haüs with her husband Kale and "Shop Mom." "Everything at Bicycle Haüs seems to revolve around food too so people know to expect the food and fun."

The Keltz' have one of the premiere high-end shop in town, featuring best-of-the-best lines such as Pinarello, Rapha, Parlee, Assos, BMC and Santa Cruz along with their deep selection of Specialized bikes. But their store has always been a comfortable hang with a great collection of historic jerseys and vintage bikes adorning the walls.

"Kale and I are very excited about the growth of the shop and earning all the very loyal customers we have," says Keltz.

The shop's continued growth is set to take a big step next year with a big move from the small strip on the southwest corner of Goldwater Boulevard and Fifth Avenue in Scottsdale to a brand new building a few blocks south. The new location, designed by Debartolo Architects, is currently scheduled to open in the summer of 2013.

"The new shop is going to be double the space of our current location and we own it so we can build it to suit our needs, including a kitchen to allow me to cook," says Keltz. "It will be a contemporary space with some of our hometown Montana roots thrown in including handmade cabinetry by Kale's Father.

We have merchandise that is very artistic and should be displayed better, so the shop will feel a little more like a gallery but still very comfortable. And we always want to accommodate customers in the store that want to just come and hang out.  We love that!"

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