Cycle: Strava Challenges You to Build Your Base

Ah Strava, why must you tempt us so? We at Cycle are on the record of having conflicted feelings about the web-based cycling and running workout training log. It's so easy to get addicted to improving efforts to best a personal record or gun for a top KOM ranking, yet these impulses can also corrupt the very essence of enjoying that training time or even the pure bliss of an easy bike ride or light jog.

Perhaps that's why we are willing to give the Strava Challenges a pass. We readily signed up for last week's Rapha Festive 500, a challenge to ride 500 kilometers between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, and used it as a brilliant excuse to escape the in-laws for a few hours each day. Now for the New Year Strava is throwing out the Base Mile Blast, a simple challenge to ride or run as many miles as possible over the course of January.

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The nice thing about this challenge is that there aren't any massive goals to hit, it's totally up to the individual and the goals they set for themselves for the month. Strava will reward milestone badges, icons that will appear on your Strava dashboard, for every 200 miles ridden on the bike or 25 miles on the run.

Strava created this challenge simply to encourage its subscribers to get out during the year's coldest month and maintain or build on fitness during a time that we all resolve to exercise more but actually just hang indoors bundled up and filling our faces with more sweets or leftover roast beast. Nearly 21,000 have signed up for the cycling challenge with another 5,000 for the run.

So whether you are gearing up for that first charity event, century ride or marathon, building towards the upcoming race season, or just looking for an excuse to get out, this could be that little bit of motivation to get you moving. To sign up, log in or register for a Strava account and click on the Challenges tab along the top menu. Once signed up, upload your efforts from your Garmin computer or smart phone and watch the miles add up.

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