Daniel Tosh Films (Drunk) ASU Students at Casey Moore's for Tosh.0

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Casey Moore's

had a special visitor last night, as

Comedy Central's Daniel Tosh

was filming a segment for his hit TV show at Tempe neighborhood bar.

In case you hadn't heard already, the comedian and host of Tosh.0 is taping a live episode tomorrow night at Gammage Auditorium and has been filming skits around Tempe and at a few bars near campus, including one at Casey Moore's on Tuesday night. ASU was selected as the winner of Tosh's College Campus Invasion Challenge and earned the right to be made fun of by the hilarious comedian on his popular clip show.

We got tipped to Tosh's appearance at the bar and stopped by for a looksee.

While the show's producers wouldn't reveal the skecth's plot or let us speak to Tosh, some of the shenanigans being filmed indicate that -- much like The Daily Show's ridiculing of ASU back in 2009 -- Tosh will be lampooning the student body's party-hearty reputation and penchant for alcoholic excess.

A pack of more than two-dozen ASU kids - including plenty of tanned and toned females -- waited around in the rain to be a part of the skit. Most were brought inside and seated at the tables near Casey Moore's restroom.

Tosh used a handheld breathalyzer to measure the drunkenness of several coeds and writing their BAC level on their foreheads with a black marker. After one girl blew a .24, Tosh shouted "We've got a live one here," resulting in cheers from the crowd and a pack of bros descending on the lass and began hitting on her.

Jon Bailey, a 20-year-old student who played one of the lotharios, says it was "an honor" to be part of Tosh.0 in some fashion, even if it means being the butt of one of the comedian's jokes.

"You watch it on TV and wish you could have your 15 minutes of fame," he says. "I normally got a problem with people who make fun of ASU [students] because we love to drink, but its all for a good cause."

Hundreds of ASU students also lined up yesterday during a "Tweet and Greet" on campus for the opportunity for "ten seconds of face time" with Tosh, much to chagrin of their professors (one of which tweeted about how 15 percent of his class was at the event)

Afterwards, the throng of students chased the comedian across the lawn near Gammage before he hopped into a waiting getaway car and sped away. Both the "Tweet and Greet" and the chase will reportedly air on Tosh.0 this Tuesday, allowing students like the aforementioned Bailey their 15 minutes of Comedy Central fame.

"I can't wait to be on TV and have all my friends see me," he says.

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