Downtown's Third Friday and Art Detour Weekend (March 16, 17 & 18)

Downtown Phoenix's Third Friday and Art Detour combined make a weekend full of local artwork. 

The 24-year-old event, officially organized by Artlink, will take over galleries and studios on Grand Avenue, Roosevelt Row, 16th Street (and a few in between).

Here's a peek at our Field Guide for Art Detour this weekend ...

Our seven Friday and Detour must-sees after the jump ...

7. Namingha Family: Landscape, Form and Light @ Berlin Gallery
Dan Namingha and his two sons Arlo and Michael work in very different media, but under similar influence. Dan has won international acclaim for his painting and sculpture, Arlo is a  jewelry designer and sculptor, and Michael works with digital inkjet images printed on canvas and paper. All three will showcase their work this weekend (and throughout the month) at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum. More info here.

6. Mutant Pinata Show @ Bragg's Pie Factory
To the delight of papier

4. Apacheria @ Por Vida
Douglas Miles has spent most of his life on the vastly rural San Carlos reservation, 100 miles northeast of Phoenix. And he's spent the last 25 years creating artwork about the "rez life" while celebrating its culture. The 48-year-old's oeuvre crosses into multiple mediums, ranging from his cartoon-like ink sketches on paper and canvas to the decorated decks of Apache Skateboards, the company he helped launch in 2002. More info here.

3.Four-Fifths Farmer @ First Studio

When Charles Darr, J.J. Horner, Eric Iwersen, Colton Brock, Nomas, and Casebeer announced they were all hanging work at First Studio for First Friday, we grabbed our cameras (and wallets). The artists, who are from Tempe and Downtown, are known for their work in a variety of media including (but not limited to) photography, painting, mixed-media, stencil, and wheat paste. The show opens tonight with performances by Parker Modern from 7 to 9 p.m. and Michael Little from 9:30 to 10:30 and is open during regular detour hours. More info here.

2. Peter Bugg and DOSE @ Willo North

Peter Bugg and an artist who goes by DOSE are fascinated by the public eye. For years, Bugg has collected and studied tabloids and celebrity-soaked magazines that provide insight on our fascination with fame. DOSE is known for his work on the street. He grew up writing graffiti and has since transitioned into creating public artwork, including a mural on the Seed & Feed Building in downtown Phoenix. Their work, including papel picados and collectors plates by Bugg and (relatively) small-scale work by DOSE, explores celebrities and artists' lives through the lens of the public. More info here.

1. 6x6 and a Group Show @ Eye Lounge
Eye Lounge gallery will kick off its annual 6x6 fundraiser show with work by members, established and emerging local artists, and community members. Proceeds raised will fund repairs, operations, special projects, and catalogs. All artwork will be sold for $20 a piece, and the proceeds from the show will be donated to Eye Lounge. More info on the Eye Lounge website.

And for even more information about Art Detour happenings and information, check out the Artlink website.

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