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Filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian Makes Sexting Art

Though we hardly could say that your late-night, last-call, typo-infused sexts have the romantic makings of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or, hell, even Nora Roberts, there's a new film service that's giving star-crossed cell phone users the exposure they think they deserve.

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Note: This video is definitely NSFW.

Eileen Yaghoobian is independent filmmaker, best known for her 2009 documentary Died Young, Stayed Pretty. That is until she started the pay-for-film service "Send Me Your Sexts."

Trading in scripts for sexts, Yaghoobian is offering to turn the titillating texts of strangers into steamy (and/or incredibly awkward) onscreen dialogue. For $80, interested sexters can send Yaghoobian screen shots of their raciest text messages. Yaghoobian will then cast, stage, and direct an original re-enactment (one to six minutes in length) for all the world to see on the project's website.

Aspiring screenwriters can choose to take credit for their raunchy conversation or, for the sake of the other person and their own personal dignity, choose to remain anonymous.

You never know, this could be your shot at the big screen.

(But most likely, it will just be a shot in your own foot.)

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