First Friday, Block 1949 Summer Pool Party, The Millenium Pool Series, The Bled, and Givers Over the Weekend

First Friday June 2011 An increase in temperatures couldn't keep Phoenicians and other Valley folks from treading 5th street near Roosevelt during June's First Friday. Dogs anxiously awaited the inevitable food court slip. Fire breathers proved their mettle. Artists observed the people looking at their work and tried not to give the meaning away...see photos.

The Millennium Pool Series of Scottsdale The Millennium Pool Series claimed to be a "Vegas Invasion", but things were decidedly more Scottsdale on Saturday. The party featured bottle service, reserved cabanas and plenty of resort vibes. Check out these pics of people looking to make a splash...see photos.

Block 1949 Summer Pool Party Series The second installment of the Block 1949 Summer Pool Party Series went down on Saturday in Tempe. The trendy University Drive apartment complex welcomed in DJs from 101.5 jamz who helped keep things cool with hip hop hits and free giveaways. Check out the bikini bonanza...see photos.

Givers and Family of the Year at Trunk Space It's not hard to tell when you've just watched a young, buzzworthy band perform. They usually thank the crowd for coming out -- regardless of how big it is -- while perhaps mentioning that it is the band's first time in a particular town. Such was the case for Lafayette, Louisiana indie pop quartet Givers last night...full story

See: Givers and Family of the Year in photos.

The Bled at the Underground There's something to be said for metal bands who can make the most of being buried underneath a booming rave. That's what happened on Friday, as the three local bands who tore up the stage at The Underground -- The Author, The Fair and Debonair, and The Bled -- had to deal with the sound of a massive rave upstairs in the Nile Theater...full story

See: The Bled in photos.

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Jonathan McNamara