Five Gifts for the Fitness Freak

You may (not-so-secretly) despise your fitness pals for their infuriatingly toned bodies and obnoxious amounts of energy, but it IS the season of giving and you can't ignore your friends for being fitness freaks. 

Since baked goods are too high-cal, and clothing is definitely out (who knows what looks good in the eyes of a neon-loving, spandex-wearing lunatic), you may find yourself asking what would Chris Traeger do?  

Have no fear, we've got your gift guide for the fitness freak covered.

FInd holiday gift ideas for the fitness freak after the jump. 

1. Compression Socks

Recovery is just as important as the workout, that's why your running friend will love a cute pair of compression socks that enhance circulation and speed up muscle recovery. Head to Sole Sports for the latest trends. 

2. One Good Ear Bud

Although a good power jam is important for a good workout, safety always comes first. This Tucson-based company offers "one good ear bud" that mixes both stereo channels from your ipod. The device allows athletes to jam out without tuning out the sounds of traffic and other dangers. Visit http://onegoodearbud.com

3. Garmin Exercise Watch or Computer
Your athletic pal is secretly a number-crunching geek, so you can't go wrong with the newest Garmin for any sport. These little GPS devices track mileage, pace, and calories, assist in a variety of interval workouts, and feed workout stats to your computer. They're high-tech and highly coveted by cardio crowds. Find a good selection at Triple Sports in Scottsdale. 

4. Yoga Sling

These cute little slings offer form and function for the yoga addict. Designed by local online retailer Fabrications, the yoga sling is a unique gift for the athlete in search of inner peace. Click here for the Fabrications blog. 

5. A Nutrition Book  

In the mind of an athlete, food is fuel, and holiday baked goods are the enemy. When the holidays come to an end, your fitness friend will surely be motivated to drop the weight and balance out any nutritional deficits. Point your friend in the right direction with a fitness-focused nutrition book. Try Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald or The Athletes Palette Cook Book by Yishane Lee and the editors of Runner's World. Head to Changing Hands or Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.