Get Married at Space 55 During David Tabor's 7 Minutes in Love Bit

David Tabor is bummed out during a time when love is in the air.

On January 4, Tabor, an ordained wedding officiant thanks to the Universal Life Church, posted an ad on Phoenix Craigslist. The gist of the post is to seek one lucky couple to join together in holy matrimony during his skit at Space 55's Valentine's Day-themed 7 Minutes In Love, scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 12.

"Are you looking for a quick hitched [sic] around Valentine's Day? Something that is low hassle but still will be a good story to tell the grandkids perhaps?," the ad reads. "My name is David Tabor. I'm a performance artist and I need a willing couple to get hitched in front [of] a small group for a performance art piece . . . I am an ordained wedding officiant and this would be a 100% legal binding wedding."

Thus far, nobody has responded to the posting that also says things like, "You would still have to pay for your own wedding license but I would perform the ceremony for free and arrange some extra frills at my expense like rice and a homemade cake."

About his wish that he hopes to come true this weekend, Tabor tells New Times, "I also asked around a bit trying to find a lead. It is totally legal. It was held up by the US Supreme Court a few years ago. In Arizona, as long as one person in the wedding party thinks that it is real, then it is."

Any takers? If so, interested lovebirds can reach out to the poet, performance artist, and visual creative type via e-mail at viviiv@cox.net.

For more information on 7 Minutes In Love, go to www.space55.org.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.