Get to Know a Baseball Wife: Introducing Erika Monroe Williams

Vh1's latest reality endeavor, Baseball Wives, is based in (where else?) spring training hotspot Scottsdale. The catty crew includes Anna Benson, Erika Monroe Williams, Chantel Kendall, Tanya Grace, Brooke Villone, and Jordana Lenz.

The six women have (or have had) romances with MLB players, and, as it's "reality" telly, they pick fights, make and break alliances, take extravagant trips, and are socially bound together by little more than the shared profession of their hubbies, boyfriends, and exes.

Each woman has a story, and we're dishing the juicy deets...

Name: Erika Monroe Williams

Reputation: How do you say? Le snob. Williams doesn't appear in a lot of the show's publicity shots, which (sort of) makes her seem less desperate than the other ladies in their quest for fame. Maybe it's something to do with her being an on-air personality at 3TV. Or maybe she feels slightly superior to her wifey counterparts -- although that's not some sort of feat. (We'll readily admit that the main reason we watch this show, and others like it, is because it makes us feel that we are far smarter and significantly less terrible than the fame-hungry psychotics.)

After all, Williams' marriage is intact, her husband's career has been largely successful, she had a successful broadcast career, and seems generally content with her existence.

Oh, and, after this season of Baseball Wives was shot, Williams quit the show stating, "I have worked in the television industry for many years and I am a big fan of reality TV, however I am not a big fan of being on a reality show."

Baseball Husband: Erika's married to retired Diamondbacks third baseman, five-time All-Star, and 2001 World Series champ Matt Williams, and has been since 2003.

Quotable Quips: "We get it Anna. You're disgusting."

Claim(s) to Fame: As previously noted, Williams worked as weekend anchor for Good Evening Arizona and The News Show at Phoenix's 3TV.

Where's the Beef?: Erika's not bashful about voicing her disapproval of rail thin, tattooed, recovering addict Chantel. In the first episode, Williams hosted a party so all the "wives" could meet, and came to the snooty conclusion that Chantel's "not a person I see myself hanging out with" because she's "really vulgar."

See, during said party, Anna and unworthy Chantel used some unseemly terminology. (Is "blowjob" really that offensive?) In doing so, both of the wives ended up on Erika's shit list, and left Erika seeming super Stepford-y.

Anna, ever-ready to get back at castmates she dislikes, went ahead and created the saucy, doctored image above as retaliation.

Normal? No. Acceptable reality TV fighting? Yes, oh, yes.

Catch Baseball Wives on VH1 Sundays at 10 p.m.

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